MSCR009 Shekinah – Alternative Frame



Tryptophan Remix Results

Dear Remixers,

We are really really happy with all of your wonderful work.

Thank you all for your time and kindness.

It’s crazy, and great, to see Tryptophan being modulated in so many ways !

After a small delay (it was not easy to choose!) we come with the result.

We were not sure if we would choose just 1 remix, or many, or a few …

But in the end it comes as a top 3 remixes, all of them should be released later this year in the Tryptophan Remixes release.

So, we proudly present the winners:

1 – Tryptophan (Earthspace Remix)

2 – Tryptophan (Hyper Noise Remix)

3 – Tryptophan (Microphaser Remix)

Congratulations !

Some of the other remixes we plan to promote in a promo release.

We should contact more of you guys soon !

Once again, thank you all, and we look forward to hear more music from you guys.

Please send demos to info@mosaicorecords anytime !

All the best,

Mosaico Records.

Out Now: Patchbay – Southern Cross

We are very proud to present our first CD release !

MSCRCD001 | PatchBay – Southern Cross

Order it Link

South American Electronic Shamanism. Guided by the Southern Cross Constellation, powered by the strongest and most natural medicines, immerse into nature freedom, mystical psychedelic music is written by pure collaborations of the South America tribe. Patchbay went into the realms of the soul of his continent, supported the greatest shamans, to reflex into the psychedelic music form his deepest natural visions. A chance to taste and feel the electronic reverberation of the southern sky.

Track list:

1 – Patchbay & Lonewolf – The Whole Universe

2 – Patchbay & Yage & Cosmos Vibration – Patagonia

3 – Patchbay – Mystery

4 – Patchbay & Ital – Plants And Animals

5 – Patchbay & Ital & Space Vision – Genetic Space

6 – Patchbay & Ital & DJ Pin – Spiritual Revelation

7 – Patchbay & Yage – All The Stars In The Sky

8 – Patchbay & Pragmatix – Reality Molecule

9 – Patchbay & Dj Pin – Sound Mapping Saga

10 – 0DB – Andes

Distributed by:

Tryptophan Single & Remix Contest

MSCR008 Evenflow & Hyperflex & Shekinah – Tryptophan

Stay tuned for the remix contest for Tryptophan track !

More infos: